Highlights of Paris

Highlights of Paris:
This tour is the best orientation to all the major attractions of Paris. Take this morning tour, be done by early afternoon, and have a great sense of what you want to do next.

Afternoon Strolls

Afternoon Strolls:
So you’ve seen Paris before or want to do a tour with lots of starts and stops. Go with us to museums, gardens, and churches, with plenty of stops for coffee and treats in between.

Wine, Beer & Conversation

Wine, Beer & Conversation:
It’s been a long day of sightseeing. You want to sit back with new friends in some of the best spots to drink and chat in town. Join us!

Private Tours

Private Tours:

Have special requests, particular availability, or want the real insider scoop on Paris? Craft your own private tour!

  • Yes, you should still come to Paris

    I’ve only lived in Paris for three years, so my statement that, “this is the worst summer here that I can remember” doesn’t have the same importance as a friend of mine (who is a born-and-raised Parisian) saying, as he did recently, “I don’t remember when times have been so bad here.” We have had endless […]