Oftentimes museum visits can be overwhelming: Where to start? What to see? What did I miss?

Stephen made our visit to the Musee d’Orsay stress free. He was first in line to get our tickets and led us on a three-hour tour of the most famous pieces in the museum … as well as some of the most interesting and off-the-beaten path items.

The pace was crisp, but not rushed, and Stephen was very knowledgeable about the museum, its collection and Paris in general. His laid-back, personable and informative style made even amateur art enthusiasts (read: me) feel comfortable.

I highly recommend the tour and could not have been more pleased that we toured the Musee d’Orsay with Stephen.

– Grant H (TripAdvisor User)

What made this tour extra special is that Steph is a talented storyteller– she wove together story after story to form one beautiful tapestry about Le Marais. I could listen to her talk all day! I’m so grateful that she’s sharing her passion with us.

I highly recommend this tour and can’t wait to try the other Paris Foot Walks tours!

– Mindy T (TripAdvisor User)
Brooklyn, New York

What a fabulous introduction to Paris! Stephen is a terrific ambassador to this enchanting city, and we were absolutely delighted with our Paris Foot Walks tours. His knowledge, enthusiasm, and perspective, as well as his personalized approach and comfortable demeanor, provided us with an insider’s view of the city. We were captivated by subtle discoveries and hidden gems – and as a result, thankfully avoided feeling like a “typical tourist.” Perhaps equally important, Stephen enabled us to feel comfortable on our own, and encouraged us to revisit favorite spots and to seek out our own adventures in his adopted home. He was a gracious and effective host.

I had never been on a walking tour of any city prior to our visit. We had booked four tours with Stephen, and I was a little concerned that I had overcommitted. I had no reason to worry; in fact, we could easily have scheduled more. If we are fortunate enough to return, we will certainly enlist his services again.

– Kathy H (TripAdvisor User)
Kansas City, Missouri

Stephen’s tour was our first experience of a walking tour and he has certainly set the bar high! We went expecting to see some sights, learn a bit of history and discover more of Paris, what we got however was so much more. Stephen’s tour is seeing the city through the eyes of someone who truly loves it. His enthusiasm and passion is clear to see. Before long we caught it was well, intrigued by the stories, facts and history he shared. We were surprised at how much a famous city could be so accessible on foot. The pace was brisk and enabled us to see a big part of Paris in a span of a few hours. It was a pleasure to learn from someone who enjoyed teaching and knew the neighborhoods so well. It was a private tour, we really enjoyed the small group size as well as the opportunities that allowed for questions and casual conversation. We didn’t feel like regular tourists; faces in a crowd and nothing more, but instead like friends being shown around. Thank you Stephen for a wonderfully personal tour that was not only interesting and educational but tons of fun!

– Natasha B (TripAdvisor User)
Vancouver, Canada

Stephen is an interesting conversationalist and his genuine love of Paris is reflected in his tour. This is my third time in Paris as a woman on her own and must say I wish I would have known about this before. Frankly I would book more than one evening if I had known. He is a gentleman, a class act. Professional, knowledgeable, generous and naturally fun. I highly recommend this tour which was the evening wine/beer tour.

– Darnew3 (TripAdvisor User)
Winnipeg, Canada

I liked the way that he showed me the city. Stephen is a very good and friendly guide, he loves Paris so he knows a lot about that. He also knows where you can find a good place to eat traditional French food and places to take the best pictures ever.

– Carolinanascimento (TripAdvisor User)

Anyone who cringes at the thought of battling the camera crowd around the Mona Lisa, who gets a headache just thinking about how much the Louvre contains and how to sort through it all, or who expects to get lost in all its immensity will love Steve’s tour. It cuts to the chase. You’ll see the main attractions effortlessly while being shown curiosities the average neophyte would likely miss – to wit, a two-sided painting on slate of David killing Goliath causing conjecture about which side was painted first. If you have something in mind you don’t want to miss, he’ll find it for you. Conscientiously empathetic to his group, Steve’s quick-paced visit to the Louvre will help you make the most of your time in Paris.

– Iaq27 (TripAdvisor User)
Paris, France

I recently had a chance to do a full Louvre tour with Stephen. Even though I live in Paris and have already been to the Louvre a couple of times, I found it very interesting and helpful and wholeheartedly recommend it if you are just about to discover it for the first time.

The Louvre can be overwhelming, and it’s easy to miss out the most beautiful and important things if you come unprepared. No such risk with Stephen’s tour. First, it’s thoroughly planned and well-organized. In around three hours, you get a full picture of the place: the must-see pieces, the variety of the collections, the history of the building that is so much more than just a museum.

Second, while packed with information, the visit never gets boring or heavy, thanks to Stephen’s friendly and fun approach. You learn a lot in an easy and enjoyable way – in the end, you didn’t notice how quickly these three hours flied! Don’t worry though, you won’t miss anything interesting: if you have a question or want to see a particular piece, just ask, Stephen knows way more than he tells at once and is happy to help you exploring.

It’s also nice to feel like more than just another tourist. You’ll skip the queues, you’ll enjoy the beauty of art in an insightful way, and in the end, you’ll walk away with a couple of confidential addresses for a truly Parisian drink.

– Irina_Kn (TripAdvisor User)

I am a solo rider and avid Do-It-YourSelfer. I like to plan my trips by scouring the internet, Yelp, guide books, apps..you name it! Bumped into Stephen (founder) whilst checking out this local Cambodian restaurant highly rated on Yelp Paris. We started chatting and immediately I was taken in by his warm, friendly demeanour. He talked about his company, Paris Foot Walks, and I mentioned that I was already using this free walking tours app from the App Store. In fact, that very morning I’d taken a walk through Montmarte using this app. I challenged Stephen to explain to me why I should pay for his tour when I could do this for free on my own. Stephen smiled and suggested I let his work do the talking. He invited me for one of his evening crawls and I readily accepted. The evening came – warm with a cool breeze. We started in the Marais – the neighbourhood I’d been staying in for the past couple of days. It was amazing how I’d passed through so many of these streets on my own, and totally missed what Stephen was now pointing to me. You see, in Paris, there’s a treasure awaiting the curious mind at every corner. Blink, and you miss. But not with Stephen. He pointed out every detail, every story, and in the fashion that this city was his. His to show off to the rest of the world. His to endear to visitors. And boy did he do that. I’ve been to Paris several times before and on this trip I had made it a point to skip the Eiffel Tower (too touristy for a 4th timer to the city, in my mind) But, did Stephen change my mind. He casually ended the tour at this cafe, where he asked me to turn around. And there, there at a distance was the Eiffel Tower in all its beauty – sparkling, and taking my breath away. I actually let out an audible gasp, reminded once again why it is this city’s iconic symbol. Thank you, Stephen! I hope to return again, with my husband in tow this time. A first timer to the city – and I’m sure you will have him enchanted the same way :)

– Aryata J
Bangalore, India

I have already gone through the major monuments of Paris since they’re really easy to spot once you’re in the city. However, I did want to know more about the history behind these great sites so I joined the Highlights of Paris Tour. Although Stephen was American, he glided through the streets like a Parisien. He added bits of interesting trivia, apart from the historical facts. He was also prepared for his clients and made the tour interactive. I had fun and I would definitely recommend this to people who would want a bit of a twist with their tours.

– Josh L
Paris, France

This was my first trip to Paris. A friend suggested the guided walking tour. I can’t imagine trying to research all the information Danielle provided for us and relating it to each site. What a pleasant surprise. I wasn’t expecting the tour to be educational and entertaining at the same time, but it was definitely both and worth the time. Strongly suggest, this is the way to see Paris!

– Charlotte S
Greenville, Ohio

The Paris Foot Walks tour gave us a chance to get a cursory glance at what Paris had to offer. We were able to spend our remaining days spending time revisiting those landmarks we liked best instead of wasting valuable travel time trying to figure out what was interesting and what needed to be skipped.

– Michael W
Anaheim, California

It was our first visit to Paris and Stephen, our walking tour guide delivered an interesting, well-balanced, and very pleasant tour, it was” Paris in a nut shell”.

The walking tour was a great introduction to many of the locations for exploring later during our stay, with loads of history, anecdotes, recommendations and tips along the way. Also the” heads up” on a few of the scams that were on the go in and around Paris.

The tour progressed at an easy going pace which made for an informal friendly experience. We had time for a mid-morning coffee and finished off with a memorable recital of extracts from the trial and execution of the King with optional readings from us all at the exact spot of the guillotine!

– Ray M
Oxford, United Kingdom

A friend of mine and I decided to do a walking tour this morning and we decided to go with Paris Foot Walks – my friend and I live in Paris but nonetheless this tour was very insightful, fun and beautiful. A number of times I caught myself saying “I didn’t know that” or “I’ve never been here” – our guide was very nice, knowledgable and offered a great perspective on the history we were walking past.

If you are only in Paris for a few days or if you think you already know the city well I highly recommend you have a tour with Paris Foot Walks! I think I will do the drinking tour next time!

– Jason M
Paris, France

A walking tour in Paris has not only shown me touristy sites but has made me experience the city. This has been my second time here but this city hasn’t disappointed me yet. This is a great way to feel Paris and not just see it. The tour guide knows the attractions well and thoroughly explains historical and significant issues and adds local perspectives on them which is not very often when going on a tour group. Also, the personalized tour focuses more on the visitors interests which makes the visit more meaningful and memorable.

– Emamacita
Rome, Italy

I wanted to let you know how much we appreciated learning about the architecture and history of Paris.  The walking tour was very enlightening.  Your ability to communicate information and facts along with handling our inquires was fun and educational.  I would recommend to anyone wanting to get a true feel of Paris to take one of your Paris Foot Walks tours.

– Keith Steiniger
Kansas, USA

I recently had an opportunity to do a walking tour with Stephen from Paris Foot Walks and came away with a great appreciation for the beautiful and historic city of Paris.

Even though I felt like I ‘knew’ a lot about the icons of Paris – the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre, the Champs-Élysées…it turns out I didn’t know a lot of the really fun and interesting stuff. The history, the culture…and how modern Parisians view their great city.

Stephen is one of the most knowledgeable, in-depth guides you’re likely to meet and it was great not having to worry about my extremely rusty french language skills. Highly recommended.

– Shawn Kinkade
Victoria, Australia