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Yes, you should still come to Paris

I’ve only lived in Paris for three years, so my statement that, “this is the worst summer here that I can remember” doesn’t have the same importance as a friend of mine (who is a born-and-raised Parisian) saying, as he did recently, “I don’t remember when times have been so bad here.” We have had endless […]

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Making the most of Free Museum Sundays

A large number of museums in Paris are free on the first Sunday of the month.  Some budget-minded travelers know this and schedule a visit to Paris around such a date to knock out some museums for free.  Is this a good strategy?  Yes and No. I’ve done over 20 Free Museum Sundays (as I […]

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Family waiting for nursery school bell to ring in Paris

What’s a Great Photo in Photogenic Paris?

Is it any surprise that Paris is one of the five most photographed cities in the world? The City of Light has blessed the professional and amateur shutter-bug alike with her rare wealth of architecture … Paris life seems to pose for new pictures constantly in her public spaces populated by people both sitting still and in motion every day of the year.

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Savoir-vivre on the banks of the Seine

Paris: the romance capital of the world. When strolling through its many streets, in which countless hearts have been solaced, the problem becomes not so much finding romantic places to walk in Paris, but choosing which romantic place in Paris to take a walk. May I offer a simple solution to this conundrum? Take a […]

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Why the Macaron Obsession?

My particular obsession with macarons, an obsession many Americans apparently share, began many years ago, when I was a child. My Dad would bring home VHS tapes containing recorded TV shows of Iron Chef, Julia Child, and many other cooking-related topics, and I was enthralled. Not only because I wanted to cook, but I wanted […]

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This is gold???

Once upon a bridge in Paris, I was taking an afternoon stroll with my husband. We were exploring the locks placed there by hundreds of other couples, when seemingly out of nowhere an old woman bent down and picked up a gold ring. “This is gold?” she asked me, enthusiastically holding it out for me […]

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