Highlights of Paris

Paris, like most great cities, defies the quick look. It is a city of unending complexity, history, and charm. We know that many English speakers come from near and far to the City of Light in order to get whatever glimpse they can manage of this city.

The Highlights of Paris tour attempts to give a snapshot of 5 major monuments in Paris, within the context of a 3-hour walk across town.

We start at the Arc de Triomphe, the magnificent monument at the top of the Champs d’Elysees. This tribute to the French military and to the soldiers who have fought so many wars not just for France, but for Europe, is at the center of a 12-road intersection.

We then head to the Eiffel Tower, the structure that in so many ways IS Paris to so many people. We will get to see it from both near and far.

We move on to Les Invalides, one of the finest military museums in the world and home to the Tomb of Napoleon.

We cross the Seine again to get to the Place de La Concorde, where the “two Frances” were created and to this day still clash.

We end our tour walking through the Tuileries Gardens to the entrance of the Louvre Museum.

We remind our customers that the tour is 4 miles/6.5 kilometers, and while we by no means move at a quick pace, people should wear appropriate shoes and clothing, while keeping an eye on weather forecasts, as we do tours rain or shine year round. We will not be able to stop for long breaks on the Highlights of Paris tour.

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