Wednesday: Versailles


Louis XIV never cared for Paris – after all – in his youth he and his mother were chased out of town by a short lived movement known as the Fronde.  While we can’t credit the Fronde entirely for the magnificence that is the Palace of Versailles and its Gardens, we can take comfort in the unexpected butterfly effects of history and time and architecture.

Versailles hardly needs an introduction to most – it’s one of the most beautiful and envied royal palaces in the world.  The Hall of Mirrors served as the negotiating space for the end of the what was then called “The World War,” its gardens are lush and inviting, and nearly every moment presents you with a new photo opportunity.

Please do keep in mind that this is the only tour that Paris Foot Walks offers outside of the city of Paris.  You will need to meet us there.  The easiest and most scenic route is to take a Transilien L from Paris Saint Lazare to Versailles Rive Droite.  It should take you a little under 35 minutes to arrive at Versailles, and you should enjoy a lovely walk to meet us to start your tour!

Our tour begins in front of the main wrought iron gate in front of the Palace.