Indispensible Apps #1: Paris Metro

It is the era of the smartphone and I have to (reasonably) assume that most of my readers traveling to Paris have one.  This series will explain indispensable apps that you should download and play with before your trip to Paris.

Today’s is “Paris Metro.”  If you search for it in the App Store you should find it and another app that has an “M” as the avatar.  The one I’m recommending is FREE. :-)

This is a fantastic app that is self-contained and will work in the absence of an internet connection – which will be often not just in Paris proper, but when you are under her streets.  It shows the entire map so you can self-navigate, but if you know your starting and ending stations simply punch them into the “routing” button and you’ll be told the fastest route, with all the relevant changes.

As an aside I’m a big believer in “paying it forward” (part of why I believe in sites like couchsurfing) so remember that when you have an amazing free app that you like the least you can do is leave a grateful review!


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