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The Scarf: Not Just Pretension

The scarf is ubiquitous here in Paris.  Part of this is because the phenomenon that is fashion week began in this city and Parisians like to consider themselves façonnable.  But part of it is purely practical.  especially in the winter months it provides protection for your neck and throat against wind and temperature.  When you […]

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Indispensible Apps #1: Paris Metro

It is the era of the smartphone and I have to (reasonably) assume that most of my readers traveling to Paris have one.  This series will explain indispensable apps that you should download and play with before your trip to Paris. Today’s is “Paris Metro.”  If you search for it in the App Store you […]

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Paris Walking Speeds

“Parisians are rude” is one of the oldest cliches in the book – and yet it seems to persevere.  Whenever I am showing my clients around town I try to parse Paris-as-modern-city from Parisians-in-general.  There are certain things that are the same in all cities, and walking speeds in Paris are no different.  I hope […]

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