About Us

Paris Foot Walks is a group of dedicated lovers of Paris who are excited and passionate about sharing that love through walking tours of its architecture, history, culture, food & drink. We are not students who are here for a few months.  We are long-term residents of Paris who speak the language and know its ways. We look forward to showing you why this is our favorite city in the world.

About Stephen

StephenStephen Heiner fell in love with the French language the very first time he heard it.  Throughout the years he taught himself French, learned French history and culture, immersed himself in its food and wine, and visited whenever he was able.  Stephen is an entrepreneur at heart and a 2012 sale of a company he built from scratch allowed him to pursue a lifelong dream of living in Paris, where he built Paris Foot Walks from just an idea.

He makes his home in the bustling 2nd Arrondissement, and when he’s not showing English speakers the very best of the City of Light: its gardens, churches, museums, monuments, shops, and people, he’s watching soccer, eating cheese, drinking wine, and laughing.

About Stephanie

165618Though hailing from the rolling hills of a Northamptonshire countryside Stephanie is now a real Parisienne. After having been lured to the City of Light for college, she went on to spend some time in Asia, teaching English and French in Tianjin and falling in love with Hong Kong before landing a very regular office job in Germany’s Black Alps. But she couldn’t stay away, despite the allure of a “normal life,” and returned to Paris to begin her new career as a tour guide. 

Drawing on her knowledge from her degree and the school of life, Stephanie now leads guests through all the city’s nooks and crannies, regaling all who will listen with the stories of love, blood, and revolution which permeate the very cobbles of the Parisian streets, wending her way from the heights of the Eiffel Tower to the depths of the Catacombs.  When not touring she likes visiting the city’s many museums, drinking tea in dark corners, and belly dancing.