About Us

Paris Foot Walks is a group of dedicated lovers of Paris who are excited and passionate about sharing that love through walking tours of its architecture, history, culture, food & drink. We are not students who are here for a few months.  We are long-term residents of Paris who speak the language and know its ways. We look forward to showing you why this is our favorite city in the world.

About Stephen

StephenStephen Heiner fell in love with the French language the very first time he heard it.  Throughout the years he taught himself French, learned French history and culture, immersed himself in its food and wine, and visited whenever he was able.  Stephen is an entrepreneur at heart and a 2012 sale of a company he built from scratch allowed him to pursue a lifelong dream of living in Paris, where he built Paris Foot Walks from just an idea.

He makes his home in the bustling 2nd Arrondissement, and when he’s not showing English speakers the very best of the City of Light: its gardens, churches, museums, monuments, shops, and people, he’s watching soccer, eating cheese, drinking wine, and laughing.

About Lisa

Ever since she was a little tyke in Canada, Lisa Rankin has had a passion for Paris, and all things Parisian. Maybe it began with the Madeleine books that she read when she was little and was captivated by the stories and the drawings.

In 2011, Lisa created an award winning gastronomic tour company where she is thrilled to share the off-the beaten-path gems of daily Parisian life, and the “in the know” artisanal offerings that she has discovered one at a time. Leading tours in Paris combines all of Lisa’s passions; her love of Paris, French culture, and great food and wine. An artist at heart; food for Lisa is more than sustenance, it is a form of artistic creation, of pleasure, a way to share and socialize, and discover other cultures.

About Molli

After completing her semester abroad in Paris in 2012, Molli began what has now turned into a 3 year love affair with the city. She returned to the States (feet dragging) to finish her undergraduate degree, but Paris was always in the back of her mind.

In the beginning of 2013, Molli got an opportunity to move back to Paris, and after saying yes the rest is history.

She has now lived here for 3 years, soaking up everything that this beautiful place has to offer. Molli enjoys traveling Europe, exploring Paris, reading classics, finding new music, pursuing her passion for writing, and spending time with friends and family.

About Irina

Born in Moscow, Russia, Irina is a passionate France-lover, complete with the French citizenship. After studying French literature, philosophy, and history, she moved to Paris in 2006 and worked in journalism and web marketing before coming back to her roots: the French culture. She geeks out about Paris history, museums, and the best spots to catch the city vibes — which often go with a good hot chocolate or a glass of red.

A detour into the videogames industry taught her to approach “serious” topics with a touch of playfulness. “I turned away from the purely academic experience because I like to think that art and history shouldn’t be a boring, elitist subject. Culture is for everyone, and it’s fun!”

She obtained a professional guiding license from the French government and set off on a mission to lead tours in a thorough yet informal way. “I’m crazy about Paris, and I geek out about history and art. I treat my clients as friends to whom I’d want to show the very best of what I love, without overwhelming them. I can never resist the temptation of giving them my favourite restaurants and hidden best-view spots!”