The Scarf: Not Just Pretension

scarf walking tour parisThe scarf is ubiquitous here in Paris.  Part of this is because the phenomenon that is fashion week began in this city and Parisians like to consider themselves façonnable.  But part of it is purely practical.  especially in the winter months it provides protection for your neck and throat against wind and temperature.  When you consider how much Parisians walk, on average, this starts to make a lot of sense.

It can also be a splash of colo(u)r for an otherwise demure outfit for the day or it can be the perfect complement to the outfit you are already wearing.  While here in Paris you can get into the spirit yourself by either bringing your own stylish scarf to wear.  If you are scarf-less you can easily find one for 4-7 euros in most department stores in Paris.

Feel free to share your scarf pics in the comments below :-)

PS There is no “right way” to tie your scarf but this article provides some helpful guidance.

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